Project X

THC 23-26%


Sunday Best (AAAA+)

THC 25-28%


Gummy Shark

THC: 24-27%


LSO Mendo Mintz

THC 22-25%



THC 25-27%


Zach’s Cake (AAAA+)

THC: 22-29%


Lindsay OG

THC: 25-28%


Purple Caviar (AAAA+)

THC 23-28%


The Best Low Price Bud | Six Society

Budget buds from six society

At Six Society, we pride ourselves on offering the finest low price bud and exceptional weed deals. Our commitment goes beyond just unbeatable prices; it’s about ensuring prompt and seamless service for our esteemed customers. Delve into our expansive collection, which includes the premium aaaa weed flower, and experience our unparalleled promotions. Whether you’re in the mood for a peaceful evening or need budget buds for a spontaneous gathering, Six Society is your top choice.


Six society budget buds price range

We understand that our customers are always on the lookout for the best low price bud available. That’s why we’ve curated a selection that caters to every budget and preference, from premium strains to cheepweed. Our dedication goes beyond just great prices. Our efficient service ensures that you receive your chosen products, like our popular edibles, quickly and without any hassles. When you think of budget buds, remember that Six Society is synonymous with quality, affordability, and security.

From $ 1-3 per gram
THC 18-22%
Beginner Friendly
Cheap OZ Deals
Bulk Sizes Available
From $ 4-7 per gram
THC 20-25%
Moderate Terpenes
Mix & Match Deals
CBD Strains Available
From $ 6-11 per gram
THC Above 25%
Diverse Terpene Profile
Intense Aromas
Cured To Perfection



Indica strains are characterized by their sedative effects. They are often recommended for nighttime use due to their ability to promote relaxation and aid in sleep. As a low price bud option, Indica can also provide relief from chronic pain and muscle tension, making it a preferred budget buds choice for many seeking physical relief.


Sativa strains are known for their cerebral and uplifting effects. They can enhance creativity, focus, and energy, making them suitable for daytime use. As a good option for low price bud, Sativa is often chosen by individuals looking to combat fatigue, depression, or mood disorders. It's a top pick for those wanting a budget buds option that stimulates the mind.


Hybrid strains combine the characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. Depending on their lineage, they can offer a balanced effect, providing both relaxation and mental clarity. For those seeking a versatile cannabis experience, a low price bud Hybrid can deliver the benefits of both types. They're a popular budget buds choice for those wanting a tailored effect.



Six Society is unrivaled when it comes to offering the best budget buds and being the leading online dispensary in Canada. Our expertise means you get top-quality products like Mercedes Hash at competitive prices. From exquisite flowers and edibles to CBD tinctures and even shrooms, we are your comprehensive cannabis hub. With our swift processing and 2-4 day Xpresspost value buds service via Canada Post, you can rest assured of a discreet and secure package.

Six Society Special: Free Shipping.

Spend $100+ and enjoy free shipping on your budget buds.

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At Six Society, we’re not just about offering weed deals. Our commitment is to provide a diverse range of quality products, from trip weed flower to aaa weed flower, ensuring that every customer finds what they’re looking for at unbeatable prices.

We have a wide variety of concentrates to cater to every preference. Whether you’re looking to buy live resin, buy hash online, or buy shatter online, Six Society has you covered with the best low price bud options.

Quality is at the forefront of our mission. From aa cheap ounce weed to premium strains, we ensure that every product undergoes rigorous quality checks. Our long-standing experience in the cannabis industry equips us to provide only the freshest and finest budget buds to our customers.

When you think of budget buds and low price bud, Six Society should be your top choice. Not only do we offer a vast selection of products, but our dedication to customer satisfaction, quality, affordability, and security sets us apart in the cannabis industry.

Our weed deals page is regularly updated with the latest offers, ensuring that you always get the best value for your money. From cheepweed to premium strains, we strive to make cannabis enjoyment affordable for everyone.

Seeking a reliable budget buds dispensary? Look no further. Six Society ensures your chosen products, whether it’s buy live resin or aaa weed flower, are delivered promptly and discreetly. Our local service is tailored for your convenience, simplifying the joy of premium cannabis wherever you are.

Dive into a world of premium cannabis products with Six Society. From buy shatter online to exploring our weed deals, we are committed to offering the best in the market. Our reputation as a trusted budget buds dispensary is built on years of dedication, ensuring every customer’s experience is top-notch.