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CBD Gummies FAQs

CBD gummies are edible candies infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. They provide a convenient and enjoyable way to consume CBD without the need for measuring doses or using traditional oils or tinctures.

No, CBD gummies will not get you high. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t produce the intoxicating effects associated with THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. Keep in mind, we do offer 1:1 CBD to THC gummies that will give a high feeling.¬†

CBD gummies may offer various potential benefits, such as promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, alleviating minor aches and pains, supporting better sleep, and promoting overall well-being.

The time it takes for CBD gummies to take effect can vary from person to person. Typically, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the effects to be noticeable.

The recommended dosage of CBD gummies depends on various factors, including your body weight, individual tolerance, and the concentration of CBD in each gummy. It’s advisable to start with a low dose and gradually increase if needed.

CBD is generally well-tolerated, but some individuals may experience mild side effects such as dry mouth, drowsiness, or changes in appetite. These side effects are usually rare and mild.

If you are taking other medications, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using CBD gummies to avoid potential interactions with your current medications.

To maintain the quality and potency of your CBD gummies, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

CBD gummies are primarily designed for adult use. If you are considering giving CBD to children or pets, it’s crucial to consult with a pediatrician or veterinarian, respectively, to ensure proper dosage and safety.