D9-NATURALS – THC Capsules

SixSociety is committed to delivering exceptional cannabis extracts through its oil-based and non-smoking products. Among the most powerful extracts, tastiest edibles, and best strains is THC Capsules. These vegan capsules are rich in quality cannabis oil and designed for easy ingestion. Capsules are excellent for longer-lasting relief from pain and anxiety. They serve as the most exotic and exclusive edibles. THC Distillate Capsules are a smoke-free and low-calorie way to ingest cannabis.

THC Distillate Capsules hold THC Distillate oil mixed with MCT oil (concentrated coconut oil). The MCT oil acts as a carrier fat, in order to help the body absorb THC into the bloodstream. The cannabis oil in this product is respectively THC Distillate, which means the oil contains only THC. The rest of the cannabinoids have been removed through the process of distillation.

Additional information

THC Volume

Delta 9 – 10mg, Delta 9 – 25mg, Delta 9 – 50mg, Delta 9 – 100mg, Delta 8 – 10mg, Delta 8 – 25mg, Delta 8 – 50mg, Delta 8 – 100mg


15 Capsules, 30 Capsules, 50 Capsules, 100 Capsules